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By Dave Kelly

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My new Google page: ptypes's home page


Anonymous Anonymous said...

comment on the,12084,934092,00.html
have seen and read the guardian about self portrait of Salvator Rosa on your blog 04.2003.
I think that S.R was able to understand and see more than the others.And through his paint artwork, he want to let a message for the "understanders".
S.R paints have all a second level of understanding. By example Allegory of fortune sadly understood immediatly by the pope, SR just be save by friends from vatican jails ( level of inhumanity rarely targeted),...inquisition not far.... humanity fragility,seen more easy to understand but a deep humanity question, self portrait is one of the main paint, and english people have understand more than the others S.R significant art work , but his own unique and may be his medium and surely positiv message for the others is Salvator Rosa intelligence and creativity power
Best Regards
I m french sorry for my english writing.
My blog actually in french

4:07 AM  

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