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By Dave Kelly

Monday, December 06, 2004

History and Systems of Psychology: Fall, 2004

"Course Description

"This course is geared to students in training to be practicing clinical psychologists, who want to know how the history and systems of psychology relates to the clinical issues they will face. In the course of their training, these students will be exposed to the two basic theoretical orientations of CBT and psychodynamic psychology. Most probably they will choose one or another orientation as the basis for their own clinical work, or develop some eclectic synthesis of the two.

"The course is organized so as to help them understand and evaluate these two orientations. The course explores the classical roots of psychodynamic psychology is platonic philosophy, and the classical roots of CBT in Aristotelian philosophy. It shows how the scientific revolution and the European enlightenment transformed the classical philosophies into clinical theories.

"Two other secondary themes will be discussed throughout the course. The first is the relationship between reason and passion as it is conceptualized in Western thought. The second is the historical context in which these approaches were developed."


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