Stoic News

By Dave Kelly

Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Appeal of Psychological Type

"I would personally argue that this belief [that personality types are
inborn and immutable] arises as a necessary consequence of the fundamental -- if somewhat unconscious -- aim of the modern Type Movement -- social activism. Its ultimate aim is >not< science or empiricism as such, but rather in offering up a positive "social mythology" that empowers its constituents. As such it >absolutely< requires type to be inborn and unalterable. To suggest otherwise would undercut its goal. Think about it -- solving other "isms" like racism and sexism requires an external inter-social solution since the individual obviously can't otherwise change his/her race or gender. By suggesting that typology is inborn and unchanging the modern type movement places type in the same category. The individual can't change. Therefore, the external world >MUST< change to fit the individual's needs. This is an immensely empowering idea -- for justice to prevail the whole world must change to fit the needs of the lone individual. However, that also makes it something of a trap. To suggest that perhaps type can be changed even in the smallest degree is to attack the modern type movement at its strongest point, that thing which makes it most appealing to its adherents" - Alan Hoch.


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