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By Dave Kelly

Monday, April 05, 2004

Towards a Stoic Enneagram

"The Vice of each Enneagram type is the habitual way that the type values something as good or bad that is really ouk eph' hemin, not up to us, not of our Essence [moral character].

1. Anger - distress over the wrongness of things not really 'in our control', and the desire to punish those responsible.

2. Pride - delight in being a good for others (does not 'belong to us').

3. Vainglory - delight in being admired (does not 'belong to us').

4. Envy - distress incurred by reason of another's prosperity (does not 'belong to us').

5. Greed - insatiable desire for acquisition (for things which cannot benefit our Essence [moral character]).

6. Fear - a disorder arising from the expectation of evil (events and the evil acts of others are 'not our moral responsibility').

7. Gluttony - insatiable desire for pleasurable experiences (pleasure and pain are not totally 'in our control').

8. Lust (excess) - insatiable desire for power (people and circumstances can never be totally 'in our control')

9. Sloth - aversion to work or exertion (like pain, sickness and death, not really 'in our power' to avoid)."


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