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By Dave Kelly

Monday, April 14, 2003

In a post to Evolutionary Psychology, Ian Pitchford points to All is for the best, a Guardian review by Robert Grant of John Haldane's

An Intelligent Person's Guide to Religion


"We live, allegedly, in a 'post-modern' age: modernity cast aside the narrative fantasies of the pre-modern era, and now it has itself been exposed as a cruel illusion. Reason is a myth, and science is a threat. If post-modernity represents the final abandonment of all 'grand theories', how stands religion It is viewed as a particularly unbelievable form of explanation. Yet its power to effect social and political change is undeniable. Religion as a form of challenge to established order is acceptable; religion as a Divine instrument of salvation is regarded as outmoded. Against this backdrop, the author argues that religion without God is like a car without an engine: it isn't going anywhere. Drawing on many aspects of human culture he offers a defence of religion as not only credible but necessary."


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