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By Dave Kelly

Friday, April 11, 2003

Capitalism, socialism, or neutrality?

I think that Stoics should adopt a position of neutrality between capitalism and socialism. We should be neither for nor against capitalism or socialism, but be indifferent to both.

It shouldn't matter too much to Stoics what political system, or form of rule, that they happen to find themselves in, because it's possible for Stoics to make progress in any circumstances, and freedom and happiness can be obtained only if we focus on what is up to us.

So too with economic systems; Stoics can make progress under both systems. Capitalism and socialism are indiferent. To become attached to an economic system can only bring passion and cause vicious behavior, and the throwing away of our chance for freedom and happiness.

Shouldn't Stoics adopt an attitude of indifference to current political and economic systems?

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