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By Dave Kelly

Saturday, May 21, 2005

PTypes and Thomas Aquinas

PTypes' "Basic Passions" are analogous to Thomas Aquinas's "ends" which can not "quarantee human completion" (60).

One can see as a result of this discussion that the one good that corresponds to the universality of human striving is capable of achieving the completion of the person [Ia IIae, q. 2, a. 8]. At this point, Thomas concludes that only God can be the end of all humanity (60).

George Wieland. "Happiness (Ia IIae, qq. 1-5)." The Ethics of Aquinas. Ed. Stephen J. Pope. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2002.


Blogger alchemivida said...

Hi Dave,

I had stumbled onto your PT site very early this morning, and noticed you were taking comments on your correspondances. Later this afternoon I popped back in to do so, but alas, you've removed the option! You will have to forgive me for tracking you down in this manner in order to attempt a dialogue. Being an idealist, even this form of communication constitutes as intimacy for me.

I had actually happened upon your PT site because I am in the process of constructing a similar personality type quiz. However, I am using the 16 court cards of the Tarot, with loose correlation to the Jung/Myers-Briggs typology. I have been deeply involved with this process, and happily trucking my merry way through it's creation...

UNTIL!!! (Ah, my point comes now...)

I read a small blurb in your site describing the Idealist temperment. The small descriptor struck me at first in such a way as to raise my eyebrows-- mainly because my first reaction was, "yeah, but i thought everyone felt this way -- or atleast their superior selves feel this way...". Then of course I took a step back and giggled at my idealist ways.

However, I send my note out to you, as a fellow whom I percieve as harboring some key similarity in interests, not to illicit a debate or pose a question, but more as a little human thank you for indirectly providing me the criticism/feedback I needed at this stage of the development of my own projects.

I actually float a blog here also.


2:17 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I've recently adopted Thomas Aquinas's idea that pride is the source of all vice, passion, and sin. So, in that way everyone is striving for superiority and the superiority of their selves. That's what A. Adler thought. He theorized, first striving for power, then, striving for superiority and, finally, striving for perfection.

Keirsey is the source of the idea of the idealist's preoccupation with self.

I suppose that I will review the other 3 types in terms of striving based on pride.

9:49 AM  

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