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By Dave Kelly

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Stoic artist: Paul Ryan

"One Thing Leads to Another

"The subject is "fate" or we also talk about Necessity, Determinism, Causation ...The question is how does one thing leads to another and whether we have any freedom to decide the next step to be "up to us", or of our own free will, but outside factors influence/determine what happens next. Obviously they also have the visual link of two sides (open book/domino face). Notions of "the game", apparent skill, hidden/shown are also examined.

"The images selected from the books are from three groupings, War, The Personal, and Numbers/Mathematics. The first two are to contrast the current climate of global military events and our personal lives, both of which we often feel we have little control over. The mathematical pages remind us that the rules of chance may be determining how all the pieces fall. " - Paul Ryan Exhibitions.


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